Because of our love of design in combination with our desire to help, we have formed relationships with some great cabinet companies, suppliers and vendors. Once the design is complete, we will give you a cost estimate based on purchasing the cabinets and other items through us. 

All design fees will be deducted from the cost of the cabinetry when you purchase cabinets at Total Kitchen Store by Kelly. 

A gallery of designs created by Total Kitchen Store by Kelly

Do you want us to come out and measure your space? Or do you have measurements already prepared that you can send to us? Either way, we can lay out the space that you are working with. We will create a new layout and 3D image for you for a small one-time fee.

All we'll need is some information regarding your preferences, style choices and a list of all the appliances that you'll be buying or re-using.

Once the layout is ready, we will go over the layout together, in detail, and select finishes. 

3-D Designs

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Make Your Vision a Reality

Layout with Provided Dimensions         

Layout and Visit to Measure                

Design Assistance                        

  • Help clients select everything from tile, flooring, cabinetry, backsplash, plumbing fixtures, knobs/pulls- you name it. We'll help you put the entire design together
  • Create 3D layouts of your future space which can be modified in our design studio to show different colors, finishes, etc. 
  • Go shopping with you to select countertops, tile, plumbing, etc. 
  • Price out cabinetry or other materials needed through our vendors.
  • Work with your contractor to coordinate the installation of your products. 
  • Introduce or recommend contractors, suppliers and vendors through our vast network and experience in the industry.

When You're Ready to Purchase

​Design Fees